CDA Piping

Loop systems are the preferred piping for CDA systems, because they reduce air travel distances and help ensure stable pressure to all points of use. The piping material should be chosen based on specific performance requirements and situational applications.

While cost and space considerations have to be taken into account when sizing the pipe, bigger is better, because with a larger diameter pipe, there is less pressure drop. Furthermore, a swan neck connection should always be used to prevent disruptions and damage due to potential moisture. A direct downward connection may be used if the possibility of condensate formation has been eliminated with 100 percent certainty.

To prevent electric shock, or worse, always follow common sense safety measures and recommendations. Using pneumatic tools can generate static electricity, so the equipment must be grounded or bonded, especially if it’s used near flammable or combustible elements, such as fuel or explosives. During maintenance work, the on switches should be locked open and tagged to prevent accidental starting. Similarly, portable electric compressors should be disconnected from the power supply before performing maintenance.

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